Renovate old furniture and change the look of your home

Most of the time, we start with our own style to organize every corner of our home, right? Therefore, it is very natural to want to redesign the decor frequently. After all, if our tastes change, the interior design of our home must also change over time.

But the big question is to be able to make these changes without compromising the budget. Renovations and redecorations can be heavy on the pocket, so we need smart strategies right now. In addition to making detailed planning, how about looking for decor alternatives that are more affordable?

With all the growth of the vintage trend, the renovation of old wooden furniture has become an excellent solution for those who want to give a new face to the house with little expense.

Choose the right furniture

To make a renovation of old furniture, it is essential to think about the right pieces. You can try to redesign your own furniture. This is a cheap and convenient solution, after all, you will only need to plan your expenses with small modifications. Make sure they're in good condition and that they really “take it” for a while longer.

However, if you don't have pieces worthy of renovation, you can find some amazing items in thrift stores, antique shops, etc. In this case, two points must be taken into account: this will be an extra expense and, furthermore, you need to be careful in the finish to invest your money well.

See tips on how to renovate

What can really be done in a furniture makeover anyway? What are the options when it comes to giving a new face to old pieces?

Some tips can be taken into consideration, both when researching and when consulting a professional. Check it out:

lacquer old furniture

The technique of lacquering antique furniture consists of a painting that has a car-like finish and is perfect to make the house full of life and with a modern look.

new paint

A few coats of paint already make all the difference. You can choose a vivid color in order to highlight the chosen furniture. The use of silver or gold spray in the details is able to bring glamor to the environment. If you want something even more daring, you can cover the surface with stickers or patterned fabric.

Exchange of "accessories"

How about replacing the furniture legs and drawer handles? Or apply a crafted mirror to that vintage dressing table? These are details that make the difference in the whole piece.

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